The DESMODRÓNIC e-DRIVE is a new model of electro-mechanical trolley, of variable height with translation movement (forward and backward) motorized.
The traction system is formed by a fifth motorized central wheel, which allows us to move loads up to 350 kg., without practically physical effort.
Moreover, the fifth wheel, endows the whole of an extreme maneuverability, being able to rotate 360ª on its own axis.
The upper part of the trolley is fully configurable, so it can be adapted to any particular need: front introduction of the trays in the refrigeration cabinets, lateral introduction, caskets transport, rollers, etc.

“specially designed to comply with the most strict regulations in terms of occupational health”

General characteristics:

  • Completely built in stainless steel AISI-304.
  • Elevation range: 400 - 1900 mm.
  • Load capacity: hasta 350 kg.
  • Great manoeuvrability.
  • Lifting mechanism electro-mechanical (functioning at 24 V).
  • Compact long lasting batteries.
  • 1 central motorized wheel for movement.
  • 4 rotary wheels, 2 of them with brake.
  • Single input for charging batteries (lifting system and translation system).
  • Specially designed for the introduction / extraction of trays in refrigeration cabinets (up to 4 height bodies).
  • Customizable top chassis, adaptable to other needs.
  • Emergency lowering pushbutton.
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