The grossing stations ET-100 SERIES form a family of products characterized by their flexibility of adaptation to space and the versatility of configuration.
Special attention has been paid to the conception of the work place, in order to make the tasks of the laboratory more comfortable and safe. This allows the user to execute their work more efficiently.
But what really makes the grossing stations of the ET-100 SERIES an innovative product is its aspiration system. Thanks to its powerful electro-fans, it is possible to treble in some cases the minimum required limits, by sucking from the lower, upper and rear zone. This allows to comply with the current regulations in a comfortable way, in some cases working at only 60% of its capacity, thus achieving a level of decibels below the established limits.
Manufactured entirely in stainless steel AISI-304, with sheet thickness between 1.5 and 2 mm.
Front safety glass screen, with guillotine electric system.
Sides with window.
Front, upper and lower aspiration.
Aspiration capacity: 2450 m3 / hour (depending on model).
Touch screen, for intuitive control of the station functions.
Aspiration system composed of electro-fans.
Filters of aluminum oxide with impregnation of potassium permanganate.
Alarm system to control the useful life of the filters.
Formalin automatic dispenser with pedal.
Alarm system for filling control of formaldehyde deposits.
General lighting by LED spotlights.
Adjustable halogen lighting of 15000 cd / 61000 lux at 1 m.
Integrated work surface, with perimeter flange to prevent spills.
Carving area with removable perforated trays, which guarantee the descending aspiration in the work area.
Washing sink accompanied by mono-control gerontological faucets C / F.
Shower with reinforced flexo.
Formalin dispenser tap.
Formalin collection sink (includes pre-filter and lid).
Integrated waste collection bucket.
Polyethylene cutting board.
Magnetic support for instruments.
Support shelf (one or several, depending on the model).
Auxiliary electrical outlets.
Adjustable footrest.  
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