The chair ANTHMC PS-190 is especially made with electric tracks in order to make easier the rise and fall of the stairs effortlessly. A single person can operate this chair.
Produced in aluminium, red painted and black canvas strength and easy clean.
It has a silent motor and a long battery life. Also equipped with a safety belt system.
It is characterized by its great maneuverability thanks to its 4 wheels and quick folding system.


  • Easy operating chair that can climb up and down stairs by track.
  • It has a reliable emergency stop button.
  • Waterproof, long life time, no noisy motor.
  • The chair is equipped with belts to ensure the safety during transport.
  • Produced in aluminium alloy, foldable, compact and light weigh.


Long:  800 mm
Width:  500 mm
Height:  1100 mm
Weight:  30 Kg
Load capacity:  160 Kg
Dimensions (folded):  1150x500x270 mm
Using time charge: 1,5 h
Repeated charging: +500 times
Battery life: 3-5 years
Motor: 24V
Track: 3-5 years
Speed: 45 steps/min.

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