The new chair ANTHMC PS-255 allows a comfortable and safe transport in any situation. In addition, thanks to its compact dimensions, the assembly is easily transportable by a single person.
The chair ANTHMC PS-255 has an advanced system that allows in just 2 seconds to fold or unfold the chair. This differential point improves its use.


  • Constructed in tubular aluminum for great resistance and contained weight.
  • Folding system unique in the market.
  • 2 rear with large diameter for a total motion comfort.
  • Lockable rear grips.
  • Double position telescopic handles.
  • Integrated folding footrest.
  • ABS seat and back for a great hygiene and easy to clean.
  • Leg and chest belts with adjustable safety lock.
  • Top railing for optimum thrust and grip during the ride.
  • Measures adapted to the comfort of patients with big weight.


Lenght:  715 mm
Width:  550 mm
Height:  220 / 1025 mm
Weight:  10 Kg
Maximum load:  180 Kg
Wheels: Ø200x42 mm
Handles: 4 (2 front y 2 rear)
Rest dimensions:  440x395 mm
Seat dimensions: 430x470 mm
Seat height: 515 mm
Operator required: 2

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