The line 010 to Led, is a cold light recognition lamp, based on LED technology.

It is indicated for any medical specialty, but above all, in places where a total absence of heat radiation is required, keeping very good quality of light. Note the lifetime of the LED, almost unlimited, as well as its low power consumption, less than 10 W.

Its design and robustness make it versatile for all types of use in clinics, educational centers, Institutes of Legal Medicine, areas of Pathological Anatomy, etc.

Thanks to its accessories, rolling foot, wall bracket, rail adapter and table clamp support, it allows to adapt it to any work area.

Its high quality flexo and patella at the base of the dome allow it to adapt to an infinite number of positions.


  • Voltage: 95-220 V 50-60 Hz.
  • Light source:  Master LED 10W 24º
  • Colour: White
  • Arm length: 72 cm.
  • Circuit breaker protector: Yes
  • Thermal protector: Yes
  • Lamp lifetime: 25.000 h.
  • Light intensity: 15.000Klux/0,5m
  • Colour temperature: 3.000 ºk
  • Field diameter at 1 m.: 12 cm.
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