The CABINETS of SERIES AV-017 are designed in compliance with the current regulations regarding safety at work.
In the case of cabinets with ascending aspiration, the operation is based on an air circulation system generated by a compact suction unit located in the upper area of the cabinet. In cabinets with downward aspiration, the equipment is located at the bottom.
Although the structural configuration can vary in each case, the design of the operation is the same for all models of the SERIES AV-017. In this way, contaminated air is drawn from inside the cabinet, and is conducted to a specific filter, which allows the extracted air to be evacuated in a clean and safe manner.
General characteristics:  
Structure made entirely of AISI-304 stainless steel (sheet thickness of 1.2 - 1.5 mm).
Measures: 800/1000/1100/1250/1500 x 600 x 2000 (H) mm.
Possibility of customized fabrications.

2 watertight doors, swing 180º.
Lock with key.

5 perforated shelves, removable and adjustable in height.

Electric control panel.

Filter usage hours control system.
Aluminum oxide filter impregnated with potassium permanganate.
coustic and luminous alarms to indicate the filter change.

Filter lifetime: 800 hours.

2 lateral extraction outputs with flow regulator.

Compact and silent suction system.

Upper anti-return valve.
LED lighting.
2 removable lower trays for the collection of possible spills.

Adjustable feet for correct leveling.
Magnetic door opening / closing switch. 
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